News Archive

  • Daniel Greif successfully defended his PhD thesis on May 28, 2013. View the picture here.
  • The UHV transfer system in the IMPACT setup is working! Watch the video.
  • Our work on "Double transfer through Dirac points in a tunable honeycomb optical lattice" (Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 217, 121-133 (2013)) is featured on the cover of the current issue of EPJ SPecial Topics.
  • The Lithium experiment was mentioned among the major breakthroughs in cold atoms research over the past year. Read more.
  • Our work "Observing the Drop of Resistance in the Flow of a Superfluid Fermi Gas" has been reviewed in Physics World.
  • Letica Tarruell and Daniel Greif won the Poster Prize at ICAP 2012.
  • Our soccer team "The Qombats" won the Boltzmann cup 2012!
  • Leticia Tarruell and Rafael Mottl recieved the VP award for setting up a new VP experiment.
  • Laura Corman was awarded for her master's degree with the Willi Studer prize.
  • Jakob Meineke successfully defended his PhD thesis on March 30, 2012. View the picture here.
  • Our work on "Creating, moving and merging Dirac points with a Fermi gas in a tunable honeycomb lattice" (Tarruell et al.,  Nature 483,  302–305 (2012)) has been featured on the cover of the March 15 edition of Nature.
    This issue also features a News & Views article by Jonathan Simon and Markus Greiner covering this work.
  • Kristian Baumann successfully defended his PhD thesis on September 6, 2011! View the picture here.
  • Alexander C. Frank was elected by the examination board 43 (Bildungsdirektion Kt. Zürich) on September 17th 2011 as Expert. Congratulations!
  • Ferdinand Brennecke received a Silver Medal from ETH Zurich for his PhD thesis on "Collective interaction between a Bose-Einstein condensate and a coherent few-photon field".
  • ​Our measurement of the phase diagram of the Dicke Quantum Phase transition (Baumann et al. Nature 464, 1301 (2010)) is listed by the Magazine SCIENCE as a runners up to "Science Breakthroughs of the Year".
  • Torben Müller successfully defended his PhD thesis on March 15, 2011! View the picture here.