Recent Publications

Spin- and momentum-correlated atom pairs mediated by photon exchange
Fabian Finger; Rodrigo Rosa-Medina; Nicola Reiter; Panagiotis Christodoulou; Tobias Donner; Tilman Esslinger
Arxiv preprint 2303.11326
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Quantum Fluctuation Dynamics of Dispersive Superradiant Pulses in a Hybrid Light-Matter System
Kevin Stitely; Fabian Finger; Rodrigo Rosa-Medina; Francesco Ferri; Tobias Donner; Tilman Esslinger; Scott Parkins; Bernd Krauskopf
Arxiv preprint 2302.08078
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Reversal of quantised Hall drifts at non-interacting and interacting topological boundaries
Zijie Zhu; Marius Gächter; Anne-Sophie Walter; Konrad Viebahn; Tilman Esslinger
Arxiv preprint 2301.03583
ArXiv: 🔗 link
An accordion superlattice for controlling atom separation in optical potentials
Simon Wili; Tilman Esslinger; Konrad Viebahn
Arxiv preprint 2301.04144
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Topological Floquet engineering using two frequencies in two dimensions
Yixiao Wang; Anne-Sophie Walter; Gregor Jotzu; Konrad Viebahn
Arxiv preprint 2301.05229
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Phases, instabilities and excitations in a two-component lattice model with photon-mediated interactions
Leon Carl; Rodrigo Rosa-Medina; Sebastian D. Huber; Tilman Esslinger; Nishant Dogra; Tena Dubcek
Arxiv preprint 2210.11313
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Superfluid current through a dissipative quantum point contact
Meng-Zi Huang; Jeffrey Mohan; Anne-Maria Visuri; Philipp Fabritius; Mohsen Talebi; Simon Wili; Shun Uchino; Thierry Giamarchi; Tilman Esslinger
Arxiv preprint 2210.03371
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Self-oscillating pump in a topological dissipative atom–cavity system
Davide Dreon; Alexander Baumgärtner; Xiangliang Li; Simon Hertlein; Tilman Esslinger; Tobias Donner
Arxiv preprint 2112.11502
ArXiv: 🔗 link
Nature, 608, 494-498 (2022)
Paper: 🔗 link
Breakdown of quantisation in a Hubbard-Thouless pump
Anne-Sophie Walter; Zijie Zhu; Marius Gächter; Joaquín Minguzzi; Stephan Roschinski; Kilian Sandholzer; Konrad Viebahn; Tilman Esslinger
Arxiv preprint 2204.06561
ArXiv: 🔗 link

Welcome to
Prof. Tilman Esslinger's
Quantum Optics Group

In our research we use ultracold atoms to synthetically create key models in quantum many-body physics.

The properties of the trapped quantum gases are governed by the interplay between atomic motion and a well characterized interaction between the particles. This conceptual simplicity is unique in experimental physics and provides a direct link between the experiment and the model describing the system. It enables us to shine new light on a wide range of fundamental phenomena and address open challenges.

We explore the physics of quantum phase transitions and crossovers, low-dimensional systems and non-equilibrium dynamics, and thereby establish the basis for quantum simulation of many-body Hamiltonians.

For example, by loading a quantum degenerate gas of potassium atoms into the periodic potential of an optical lattice we realize Hubbard models with atoms and access superfluid, metallic and Mott-insulating phases. A many-body system with infinitely long-range interactions is formed by trapping a Bose-Einstein condensate inside an optical cavity, which has allowed us to observe the Dicke quantum phase transition from a normal to a superradiant phase. We also work on extending the concepts of quantum simulations to device-like structures connected to atomic reservoirs, using a combination of high-resolution microscopy and transport measurements.

We acknowledge funding from SNF and ETH Zürich, NCCR QSIT, SBFI QUIC and the European Union (ERC TransQ, ERC Marie Curie TopSpiD, ETN ColOpt).




14 March 2023
Welcome Markus!
Markus perle has started his semester project in the Cavity Team.

01 March 2023
Welcome Miray and Jacob!
Jacob Fricke has started his PhD and Miray Kosucu has started her master's project in the Cavity Team. Hoş geldin !

01 February 2023
Dr. Dalila Rivero Jerez has started as a PostDoc
Bienvenido al equipo de Impact

22 December 2022
Topological pumping and interaction
Tilman's talk at the ITAMP workshop on quantum simulation of doped Hubbard systems is now online.

22 December 2022
A self-oscillating Thouless pump emerging from long-range interactions and dissipation
The geometric pump realized by the Impact Team was listed as one of this year's scientific highlights by the MaNEP Switzerland network.



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