Lattice Lab

Cavity Lab

Lithium Lab

Impact Lab

In the lattice lab we study solid state physics with fermionic atoms in artificial crystals of light. We are interested in understanding the physics of strongly correlated materials in a clean and highly controlled environment.

In the cavity lab we explore the collective interaction between an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate and the field of an ultrahigh-finesse optical cavity. Our research ranges from cavity optomechanics with ultracold gases to the realization of novel many-body systems with long-range interactions mediated by the cavity light field.

In the Lithium lab, we study the properties of low temperature gases of Lithium 6 using high resolution microscopy combined with transport measurements. We observe and manipulate quantum gases at the scale of an atomic wave function, with the goal to engineer quantum devices and to better understand strongly correlated materials.

With this new experiment, we want to investigate the interaction of quantum gases with diverse cavity geometries, ranging from cavity optomechanical setups to selforganization in multiple cavity modes. The experiment is based on a novel UHV transfer system, introducing the concept of a loadlock to quantum gases.