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Doing Research in Quantumphysics strongly relies on specialised equipment. Equipment, which cannot be bought, as we are at the frontier of this interesting field. We therefore strongly rely on in-house designed and engineered devices to be able to advance further. For that, our team is supported by an engineer with a broadband experience in radio frequency design as well as mechanical construction.

Some very few of our milestones are presented here.

And yes: we welcome fruitful discussions, but this product overview is in no way a commercial offer.

#1 : The Workhorse : AOM - Controller

Doing Research in Quantumoptics without one of these is almost impossible. That is, why every experiment in our labs has a bunch of them. Within almost two decades, we are now at the fifth revision. A lot of new features as well as upgrades have been introduced since the prototype. For non-physicists : this is an am / fm pirate radiostation - but we do not transmit our songs to the public. Instead, we "wave" the atom clouds in our vacuum chamber.

#2 : Ultra Low Noise Galvanic Isolators

A lot of events of the experiment are controlled by our matrix computer. Great care must be taken, not to introduce ground loops. We have developped a bunch of ultra low noise optocoupler and galvanic isolators to avoid that. The fotomodel is our third version with a Gain-Bandwidth Product of 100 kHz. Input and Output range spans 20 Vpp.

#3 : Photo Diode Amplifiers

These are the eyes or light - power - sensors in our setups. A huge variety of different designs, multiplied with our assortement of photodiodes for different wavelengths results in a broad range of devices for every imagineable application. Due to our advanced box of bricks, a device can be build within hours to match a new set of specifications.

#4 : Synthesisers • RF Converters

When doing Quantum Optics Experiments, the availability of ultra low noise Synthesisers is a must. Our devices span a Range up to 6.8 GHz. In most cases they must be locked to our GPS-disciplined 10 MHz Mother-Oscillator (OCXO). The picture above shows two IQ-Demodulators, used by the IMPACT-team. They consist of a DDS (AD9958), serving as a Local Oscillator and two Mixers. An ultra low noise preamplifier is also built-in.

#5 : Current Sources

No Setup would be complete without at least "some" Current Sources. Over the years, we developped a large range. From Milliamperes up to over 100 A. The example on the picture is a smaller type. It can be controlled remotely or local. Most of our devices are used to control a Magnetic Field. As with all other devices, low noise is the key ...

What else ?

Not mentionend here are the over tenthousand (don't believe everything which is written in the internet :-) other little gadgets we developped in the last almost two decades to make the life of our Experimenters easier. If you want to get to know them all, consider joining our team !

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